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Welcome to Spurr Audio


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Welcome to Orbit-2 Fuzz: Where Vintage Meets the Cosmos! Experience fuzz like never before with our handcrafted masterpiece. The Orbit-2 Fuzz takes you on a sonic journey through space and time, inspired by the iconic space era. Key Features: 🛠️ Handcrafted: Each pedal is a work of art, meticulously built for tone enthusiasts. 🔊 High Gain: Unleash searing, high-gain fuzz that'll propel your music to new heights. 📺 OLED Display: Watch the 'fuel' level on the OLED display, giving you precise control over your cosmic sound. Globe is just a decorative item. Join the cosmic fuzz revolution and take your guitar tone to the outer limits with the Orbit-2 Fuzz. Elevate your music, one orbit at a time. Available at Sep - 30th
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