Welcome to Spurr Audio
Welcome to Spurr Audio

OXR-3 Klon Inspired

$164.00 USD
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OK, let’s all admit it. We wish we had bought a Klon when they were the outrageous price of $400 new. I even spoke to the wizard who invented them and didn’t pull the trigger. That doesn’t mean, however, that you can’t enjoy the same quality of tone just because you can’t shell out a few grand on a pedal. This pedal embraces the tonal qualities of the original pedal bearing the centaur, offering even the same quality, but at a fraction of the price that the original will set you back. So, indulge your refined auditory tastes without having your spouse leave you for frivolously mortgaging the house. 


This pedal can take 15 - 20 days for production.

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